Friday, January 30, 2009

T-Bone Steak

I'm not very experienced with cooking steak so this was somewhat of an experiment, especially since I don't have a grill.

I started out with these two t-bone steaks and they were mostly thawed. :-)

I marinated them in this bag with olive oil, worcestershire sauce, and Montreal chicken seasoning. (You're supposed to use Montreal Steak seasoning, but I didn't have any) I let them sit in the fridge overnight.

I put them on a baking sheet like so, and had my oven on Hi broil (since it only has Hi or Lo broil)

After about 8-10 minutes (I think?) I turned them over.

Checked them about 8-10 minutes later and they were done. (We like our steak around medium rare)
Serve with horseradish sauce, herbed green beans, and a baked potato. Yum.


Anonymous said...

looks good!

Gwendy said...

could you tast the marinade? did you like the flavor?

Annette said...

I liked the flavor, I just wished that I would have put some kosher salt in the marinade, but I ususally over salt everything so I left it out. :-) It was good flavor though!

Gwendy said...

I was watching some show the other day, I can't remember which one, and they had somebody doing steak in marinad, and he said you don't want to put salt in the marinade because it takes the moisture out of the meat, I was trying to remember if I had added salt to mine. He said to put it on when you cook it.

Annette said...

Ahh....good to know!

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