Monday, February 16, 2009

No Bake Cheesecake

Another one of my favorites and something I grew up eating. This is really easy and really good. Don't be thrown off by the pictures, I made two cheesecakes but I'm posting the recipe for ONE. :-)

No Bake Cheesecake
(One cheesecake)

Graham Cracker Crust

8 oz. Cream Cheese (softened)
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/3-1/2 c. Lemon Juice or Lime Juice (or Both)
1 T Vanilla (optional)

I was lazy and bought my crusts this time, and since I was going to be transporting these cheesecakes its easier for me just to buy them.
Combine the Cream Cheese and Sweetened Condensed Milk
Whip it, whip it good...
It should look smooth and creamy by the time you're done.
Add the Vanilla (if you are going to add Vanilla) :-)
Add the Lemon/Lime Juice
Mix together and it should look like this.
Pour into your crust.
This is why buying the crusts is a good idea if you are transporting.

Top with Berries if you like.

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